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Grandmother Of The Bride Dresses

When we talk about dress, it’s not just a garment to complement your ensemble, but it complements your personality, fashion sensibility and style. Vicky Mar provides gorgeous dresses women of all ages and for every occasion. Wedding is considered as the most special occasion in one’s life and every bride wishes to look her best. We have vast assortment of dresses for brides, guests and even Grandmother of the bride dresses in diverse colours, styles and patterns. While designing dresses for grandmother, we take care that the dresses are designed as per their body shape, age and personality. Apart from adding glamour and style, comfort is the major concern that is taken care of while designing dresses for old age people.

Vicky Mar offers-

  • Affordable Grandmother of the bride dresses
  • Available in all sizes that fit her
  • Available in standard or long-length
  • Designed in Soft and Delicate Tints
  • Superior quality material to add sophistication
  • Designed perfectly for the Grandmother!

We, at Vicky Mar, use standard and superior fabric, while designing comfortable and gorgeous outfits for grand moms. We take measure of trend, comfort and climate while choosing the fabric; preference is given to soft fabric and light colours. We have dresses for all occasion but our specialty lies in designing Grandmother of the bride dresses. Do not miss the chance of dressing up your grand mom to make her bag the due attention at your special day.